about us


This is Rudy.


Through friends he got to visit the small Village of Kisjakabfalva in the south of Hungary in 2003. It was love at first sight! With the purchase of a house in great need of renovation also came the decision "I'll make wine!"

Without previous oenological knowledge, undoubtedly a brave undertaking....
Over the years, not only his knowledge grew steadily, but also the vineyards increased steadily.

In the meantime, we cultivate 2.0 ha - and the result is quiet impressive.
Rudy burns for what he does and is always curious and open – and it shows in his wines.

This is Mariana.


A woman who shares and supports her husband's crazy ideas with joy.

Working in nature with her own hands is great fun for her and creates a wonderful balance to her desk job. She is passionate about driving tractor, cutting grapes and filling bottles.

Her keen sense for good cuvées is of great benefit to the winemaker.

It is the contrast between Berlin with its 3.5 million inhabitants and Kisjakabfalva with its 120 inhabitants she likes so much - pumps or rubber boots, Mariana can do both.

She enjoys her own wine on the terrace under a clear starry sky. Sounds romantic? It is!